Illumination(particles expanding and building)
At Corporate headquarters in North Carolina

In 2012 we designed and completed “Illumination (particles expanding and building) a 35 foot installation in a private corporate headquarters in Raleigh, NC. During our first on-sight visit the first thing that struck us was how beautifully the light filled all three levels of the building. The light appeared to be more active than we usually see it.  It cascaded down, but it also seemed to bounce and glow at intervals between the floors. This was because of the glass balconies and surrounding white walls.

During that initial tour of the building we asked a few questions about the type of work going on in the surrounding space and from that conversation imagined a hive of activity. We started to think about how that activity works and how it accumulates and disperses into the outside world.  Then we began to see an analogy between the movement of light and the movement of the people who will work in the building.

Ultimately, we wanted the glass to embody these shared qualities of expanding connecting and building. The forms of the glass are intended to be fluid and have movement that echo the interaction of light and the architecture.In some instances tit appears that the forms are coming together and in others it appears that they are moving outward in expansion. The piece serves as a reminder of our own connection to light and our connection to the larger world. 

10 Terminus Place 
Atlanta, GA

In 2011, we designed and completed "100 Portals," a 25-foot installation at 10 Terminus in downtown Atlanta. Almost immediately upon visiting the site, we were struck by how much motion the space held. Cars zipped by on the other side of the glass entryway, pedestrians passed on the sidewalk, and businessmen and women strolled the hallway along the wall we were commissioned to use. In addition to motion, we also considered viewing distance. Terminus 10 and its glass entryway are visible from the traffic light one block away. We wanted"100 Portals" to function at this distance as well as at close range, the hallway being the most inmate space to engage with the work.

We decided on a composition that receded and advanced, as well as moved in a horizontal direction. Individual pieces can be pondered closely, but "100Portals" can also be glimpsed as a whole from a moving vehicle. By creating a loose grid to randomly align each piece of silvered glass, we were able to project a sense of order without losing the sense of flow that is so important to this series. Some pieces are larger, some are smaller; all are uniquely different. In general, we used the oval pieces to create horizontal motion, the circular pieces to create a sense of moving back and forth, and the triangular pieces to join these two elements.

Ultimately,"100 Portals" helped bring awareness of space to the viewer. The world in motion is reflected in each of 100 pieces of silvered glass, resulting in a visual and conceptual mirror that reflects the vast possibilities arising constantly as we go along in our lives.

Northside Hospital Cherokee
Canton, GA

Blue Ridge Regional Hospital
Spruce Pine, NC


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